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This document is meant for limited and / or intended purpose only, as defined by AAJ KI DELHI MAGAZINE to its respective audience / users / clients / prospective business associates. No part of this document can be used for any other purpose. Welcome to AAJ KI DELHI Magazine! For nearly last few years, AAJ KI DLEHI team has aimed to drive the Delhi conversation smartly with digital-era metabolism that has helped not only reinvent political news but the social sector.

The buzzing newsroom is backed by nearly 20 associated reporters and sub editors to pump out edible 64 colored pages of news from all spheres for all segment of readers. Our online segment has plus numerous blog posts, photo galleries, updates, videos and information about upcoming live events powered by the magazine. The team pride itself not only covering news but success stories of young Achievers from social, Political, Education and other sectors of society and they have been the best covers for AAJ KI DLEHI Magazine, as they benefit appearing online as well as on the cover page of the magazine every month. The time and ambition to break out of the news cycle, to pull back information from the flood to understand what its all about, the experts do it round the clock. This monthly magazine promises to offer both hard-hitting original reporting and ideas-driven journalism about the people, institutions and issues that matter in New Delhi and NCR. The magazine is strongly opinionated but never partisan, and we hope to bring you fresh perspective, not more punditry as this definitely is the place to find the best writers and thinkers in the countryengaged with the days biggest stories, and those that should be. The magazine is also targeted to fill the perfidious vacuum in the rapidly transitioning world of journalism, with too few really big takes on big subjects holding leaders in New Delhi and beyond accountable, as news organizations retrench, cut back or find themselves distracted by the all-too-real imperatives of just staying in business. To add to the print issues, we publish most of the articles online, so that you can read and share online from the website. The team is busy adding print features with original reporting, smart columns, news and featured profiles. Share your stories or your take with the editorial team and we would be happy to take it up.